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Albaluna - Heptad CD Albaluna - Heptad CD
In 2021 Albaluna present their latest album Heptad. Inspired by the cultures of the ancient Silk Roads, and shaped as well by traits of modernity, the conceptual piece comes to life as a combination of music, poetry and dance. Heptad...
14,99 € *
Ánnámáret (Annamaret) - NIEGUID DUOVDAGAT – DREAMSCAPES CD Ánnámáret (Annamaret) - NIEGUID DUOVDAGAT –...
Nieguid duovdagat (Dreamscapes) is the third album of Ánnámáret, Sámi musician Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman, who is based in Utsjoki, Finland. Taking its listener to imaginary fells, the album draws on the rich joik tradition and the living...
15,99 € *
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