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Folk - Starkes Baltikum CD Paket (10 CDs) Folk - Starkes Baltikum CD Paket (10 CDs)
CD Paket aus dem Baltikum mit: Tormis Quartet - Tormisele - Hommage to Veljo Tormis Tuulikki Bartosik - Torm veeklaasis / tempest in a Teapot Mari Kalkun - Ilmamötsan Svjata Vatra - Muutused Zminy Zari - Sazaroti Lata Donga - Variacijas...
100,00 € *
Österlide - Osterlide CD Österlide - Osterlide CD
"Where are you from? What is your music?» Guitarist Andreas Haddeland did not know how to answer these questions from his longtime colleague, the Sami musician Ulla Pirttijärvi. With a desire to find his own roots, he began, together...
14,99 € *
Rana - Šnabždėjimas miškams CD Rana - Šnabždėjimas miškams CD
Rana is a creative folklore band, which performs in various events, music festivals in Lithuania and other countries since 2012. The band uniquely interprets folk songs with intent to highlight it's emantic content and thus bring the old...
15,99 € *
Svavar Knutur Gym bag Svavar Knutur Gym bag
Limited & Handmade Gym Bag. 240g/m2 high quality resilient jeans fabric White Cord (not on the Picture) 36x44
15,00 € *
Üzgin Üver - Patak CD Üzgin Üver - Patak CD
14,61 € *
Yat-Kha - Aldyn Dashka  CD Yat-Kha - Aldyn Dashka CD
14,61 € *
Vedan Kolod - Tribes CD Vedan Kolod - Tribes CD
13,64 € *
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