Osuna: Along The Silk Road CD

Osuna: Along The Silk Road CD
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  'Along the Silk Road' is a CD or an artwork book plus CD. It celebrates the 15-year... mehr
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 'Along the Silk Road' is a CD or an artwork book plus CD. It celebrates the 15-year long existence and equally long quest of the world music ensemble Osuna. In this project, three musicians and three musical traditions meet and create bridges in time and space. From Europe, across Asia all the way to China, in order to explore what kind of music Marco Polo might have heard of during his travels to the Far East. You will hear a troubadour and mediaeval viol player, Thomas Baete, a virtuoso on all kinds of long-necked lutes, singer and percussionist, Emre Gultekin, and artistic leader, lead vocal and multi-instrumentalist, Raphael De Cock. For this occasion, the musical trio teamed up with several guest musicians and with sand artist Colette Dedyn who brings live sand art performances during live concerts of Osuna. The artwork book gives a glimpse of Colette’s desert sand magic, providing a wide range of stills of her creations.

1. Taiga Lullaby - trad. Khakassia, arr. Osuna (2’50”)
2. Saltarello n°2 - anon. late 14th - early 15th century Tuscany MS. London Add. 29987, arr. Osuna (3’04”)
3. la Tierche Estampie Roiale - anon., Paris, BN mss. fr. 844; le Manuscrit du roi ca. 1270-1320, arr. Osuna (2’57”)
4. Meckin Kamen – trad. North Macedonia, arr. Osuna (4’18”)
5. Soguk kuyu Zeybegi – trad. West Anatolia, arr. Osuna ( 4’55”)
6. Ayat Dance - comp. Emre Gultekin, arr. Osuna (4’55”)
7. Chir Ine-Say - Itpekov's theme - comp. Itpekov; arr. Osuna ( 5’15”)
8. Khakas Medley - trad. Khakassia, comp. Aleksandr Samozhikov, arr. Osuna (6’12”)
9. Borbak Borbak - trad. Tuva, txt & comp. Oidupaa, arr. Osuna (4’55”)
10. Legend of the Goddess of Silk - intro comp. Raphael De Cock, intermezzo comp. Li-Ling & Xia Hua, trad. China, arr. Osuna (4’46”)
11. Pacarano - comp. Emre Gultekin, arr. Osuna (4’16”)

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