Mette Kathrine - Familiealbum CD

Mette Kathrine - Familiealbum CD
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Mette Kathrine are regarded as one of the most active and rooted traditional Danish... mehr
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Mette Kathrine are regarded as one of the most active and rooted traditional Danish folkmusicians represented in bands like Jensen & Bugge, Zenobia. -and known for their great interpretations for the traditional Danish music and songbook. The many years with the traditional music must have inspired her:

For many years, I didn’t think I was the composing kind. But the more traditional music I absor­bed, the more scraps of tunes, and often complete melodies, took shape in me and demanded to be played. Many of these tunes I dedicated to my family, but the growing list of guest musicians, my closest folk music colleagues, are a kind of family, too. Listening to my tunes of various ages played by different guest musicians feels like leafing through a family album. I hope you enjoy the music! (Mette Kathrine)

Mette Kathrine Jensen Stærk, harmonika / accordion
Vegar Vårdal, violin
Johs Stærk, guitar, Mandolin
Ditte Fromseier Hockings, violin
Julian Svejgaard Jørgensen, piano
Kamilla Sørensen, orgel / organ
Kristian Bugge, violin
Morten Alfred Høirup, guitar

1 Jysk Jig / Peders Fødsels-dagspolka / Torden Reel 3.10
2 Johs’ Bryllupsvals 3.15
3 Hymne til en Mor 3.45
4 Julepolonaise 2.35
5 Nyeste Vals 2.30
6 Nordlys Polsk 3.55
7 Klodeschottish 3.05
8 Rigtig forkert Vals 3.02
9 Påskeschottish 3.10
10 Lyden 3.55
11 Reel Emil 2.40
12 Fars jyske Fynbo 2.40
13 Helgesminde 3.45

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