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Tailcoat - Tall Tales in Tiny Pieces CD Tailcoat - Tall Tales in Tiny Pieces CD
Tailcoat has been called “the new all star band of nordic instrumental folk music” Their unusual instruments and cinematic sound draws inspiration from traditional folk music, and takes the form of newly written compositions. Their music...
14,99 € *
Inver - Heading Out CD Inver - Heading Out CD
Invers debut-album ”Heading Out” er resultatet af to års arbejde med at komponere, arrangere og forfine trioens lyd. Albummet indeholder 10 numre hvoraf de fleste melodier er komponeret af Invers medlemmer. Et par af trioens...
14,99 € *
Gangspil - Gangspil 2 2CD Gangspil - Gangspil 2 2CD
16,99 € *
VAEV is David Mondrup and Poul Lendal. The Folktronica duo works with interpretations of traditional Danish folk tunes and own compositions. As duo they have played on many different stages - for festivals, venues, such as musical...
14,99 € *
Trolska Polska - moss CD Trolska Polska - moss CD
16,40 € *
Trolska Polska - Eufori CD Trolska Polska - Eufori CD
“For this album we have been searching to make something that is even more troll-like, and even more poetic! During the process the idea emerged to compile the music of this album into one single coherent story; a small tale from the...
16,40 € *
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