Halfdanskerne - 3 CD

Halfdanskerne - 3 CD
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This is why the Danish folk trio Halfdanskerne, has named their new album '3'. Halfdanskerne is... mehr
Produktinformationen "Halfdanskerne - 3 CD"

This is why the Danish folk trio Halfdanskerne, has named their new album '3'.

Halfdanskerne is Mads Westfall - guitar and vocals, Lars Grand - accordion and vocals, and Rasmus Vennevold - double bass.
The trio has been playing together since 2009, and has a leading position in the Danish folksong environment after numerous successful concerts with their personal interpretations of songs by the greatest Danish poets.

On the new album '3', the "Half Danes" (as the name could be understood in Danish) have strived to get as much of the energy from their extremely entertaining concerts on an album as well. They played and sang live in the studio, made some small corrections and adjustments, and never at any point, used more than the three instruments, which they would normally bring on stage.

The three very famous Danish poets, who are interpreted on the album, are Halfdan Rasmussen, Benny Andersen and Frank Jæger, with music written by Mogens Jermiin Nissen, Tony Vejslev, Anne Dorte Michelsen and Benny Andersen. Among the titles are "Noget om natur og optugtelse" (Something about nature and upbringing), "Svantes drikkevise" (Svantes drinking song) and "Bedstefar, tag dine tænder på" (Grandpa, put on your teeth).

The album was recorded at The Village Studio with Thomas Vang as technician and producer, was mastered by David Elberling, and is released by GO´ Danish Folk Music. So the album title '3' is therefore also suitable on the technical front.

1 Noget om natur og optugtelse (Halfdan Rasmussen/Mogens Jermiin Nissen) 3.04
2 Svantes drikkevise (Benny Andersen) 3.16
3 Noget om en poet (Halfdan Rasmussen/Mogens Jermiin Nissen) 3:36
4 Svante i stormagasinet (Benny Andersen) 3:20
5 Bedstefar tag dine tænder på (Frank Jæger/Tony Vejslev) 2:38
6 Noget om mistænksomhed (Halfdan Rasmussen/Mogens Jermiin Nissen) 3:28
7 Ingen er helt alene (Halfdan Rasmussen/Anne Dorte Michelsen) 4:31
8 Den værste sult (Benny Andersen) 2:46
9 Noget om vrede og glæde (Halfdan Rasmussen/Mogens Jermiin Nissen) 4:11
10 Aftentur med Rosalina (Benny Andersen) 4:46
11 Længsel efter Sverige (Benny Andersen) 4:23
12 Lille sang til Nina (Benny Andersen) 3:01

Mads Westfall Vocals, guitar
Lars Grand Vocal, Accordion
Rasmus Vennevold double bass

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