Haugaard & Høirup - Rejsedage/Traveling CD/DVD

Haugaard & Høirup - Rejsedage/Traveling CD/DVD
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The new album "Rejsedage/Travelling" from the awarded Danish violin & guitar duo Haugaard &... mehr
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The new album "Rejsedage/Travelling" from the awarded Danish violin & guitar duo Haugaard & Høirup is being released the 3rd of April 2008. The duo is celebrating their 10th anniversary with a double album containing a studio recording with 9 tunes and two songs, and a dvd containing a 38 minute long concert situation, as well as a 41 minute long illustrated interview.

Morten Alfred: "The CD was recorded in the forest at Haralds house on Funen in September 2007. It is a mix of traditional Danish music, and some original tunes composed by the two of us. Tunes like "Huset ved Havet", "Vals til Kærligheden and "Rejsedage" are good examples of new Danish music that was never played in public before. The Finnish bass and jews harp player, Tapani Varis, are joining us on some of the tracks, and so is the Danish two row accordion player, Sonnich Lydom, and guitar player Sune Hånsbæk.
But of cause the CD especially features Harald and my self playing as a duo.

The DVD from Haugaard & Høirup features a concert filmed at the little intimate venue, Bartof Cafe, at Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. It was on a summer evening in August 2007, and the crowd was pretty excited. Furthermore the DVD has an interview with the duo, made by the Danish journalist and film maker, Jørgen Flindt Pedersen.

In the interview Harald and Morten tells about how they both got in to the music as kids, how they met 10 years ago, and how they decided to start the cooperation that would make them to one of the most travelling acts in traditional Danish music ever.

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