Naked - Srećna tuga CD

Naked - Srećna tuga CD
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From the beginning of the band's work, our idea is that the name of the album is not a set of... mehr
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From the beginning of the band's work, our idea is that the name of the album is not a set of songs and a story that ends with the release of a new album, but that it continues life and testifies to a certain philosophy, attitude and message of the band. Get Naked, we are still naked and honest as in the beginning. Nakedonia is still a state of mind and our fictional country, which extends to all the far corners to which our music has taken us and gathers friends, fans, like-minded people and all the good people we meet on our Naked journey. YES is the attitude of life that has brought us to this moment where we love what we do and do what we love.
Thus, Srećna tuga most vividly and simply describes the state that our music carries. These new 12 songs continue our deliberation on life, love, lack, ups and downs, the seesaw of happiness and sorrow, memories, fantasies, enchantments and disappointments. There is no clearly defined boundary between the two extremes, everything mixes and derives from each other, so our expression on this album retains an eclectic form.
As the years go by, the experience gained on traveling the world gives us a different perception of ourselves and the world around us. Our music deeply reflects our intimate life, and Happy Sorrow could be said to be the most personal record in the band's work so far.
Srećna tuga (Happy Sorrow) is Naked's fifth album and their new vision of the concept of love. It is a specific point of view based on the musicians’ experience of continual travel, concerts, exciting tours and professional joys, but through which, over time, feelings of lack, emptiness, longing for loved ones, sadness begin to unfold.

Naked was founded in 2006 in Belgrade. They have performed at concerts, festivals and clubs on four continents. They are a band in the true sense of the word. They work, think and sound like one. Although most of the compositions are created by Branislav re-examining his musical motives and "germs" on the bass for days, it is the band that later expands and develops the idea.

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