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Luiz Mura - Origem CD Luiz Mura - Origem CD
Born in Rio de Janeiro, Luiz always had been close to a musical atmosphere. Listening to samba on the bars and streets of Brazil together with by his multicultural family: Japanese, Portuguese, Brazilian, Sicilian and Calabrese, mixing...
9,99 € *
Naked - Srećna tuga CD Naked - Srećna tuga CD
From the beginning of the band's work, our idea is that the name of the album is not a set of songs and a story that ends with the release of a new album, but that it continues life and testifies to a certain philosophy, attitude and...
9,99 € *
Ibrahima Cissokho and Mandingue Foly - Liberté mom sa bop CD Ibrahima Cissokho and Mandingue Foly - Liberté...
Mandingo afro rock Ibrahima Cissokho offers a unique and authentic groove with his kora. With one foot in the traditional world as a griot, the other in current musical trends with amplified rock and funky melodies, his unique way of...
9,99 € *
Santa Diver - Blue Horizon Santa Diver - Blue Horizon
Santa Diver was formed by jazz violinist Luca Kézdy and multiinstrumentalist/composer David Szesztay (on bass) in 2006. The third member of the trio, David Szegő joined in 2015 on drums. The three instruments and personality maintain a...
9,99 € *
Martin Meléndez Power Trio - I have a dream CD Martin Meléndez Power Trio - I have a dream CD
The Power Trio is a special one: it departs from the norm of jazz ensembles because, instead of a double bass, it includes the vibrant sound of a cello, which, in this case, is played by Martín Meléndez. This combination leads the...
9,99 € *
Shama (Rahman) & Friends - Let the light in CD Shama (Rahman) & Friends - Let the light in CD
The territory of Shama Rahman's music ranges from London, her hometown, through the United States, Morocco, Hungary and even Antarctica, being just some of the destinations where her work has reached. The composer, multi-instrumentalist...
9,99 € *
Ermanno Panta & Bands Zeitun - Isla Musa CD Ermanno Panta & Bands Zeitun - Isla Musa CD
The compositions of Ermanno Panta & Banda Zeitun transform Mediterranean soundscapes into an “islander muse” inspired jazz. The Sicilian singer and polyinstrumentalist sings with the soul of the immigrant in Spanish, Catalan, Sicilian,...
9,99 € *
Miramundo - Sofa CD Miramundo - Sofa CD
How many activities can you do during some quality “sofa time”? You can chill out and relax, chitchat with friends, binge, watch Netflix whilst devouring popcorn, or you can “simply” enjoy life listening to MiraMundo and their...
9,99 € *
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