Luiz Mura - Origem CD

Luiz Mura - Origem CD
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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Luiz always had been close to a musical atmosphere. Listening to samba... mehr
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Born in Rio de Janeiro, Luiz always had been close to a musical atmosphere. Listening to samba on the bars and streets of Brazil together with by his multicultural family: Japanese, Portuguese, Brazilian, Sicilian and Calabrese, mixing music and Cultures have been present in his nature since before he was even born.
After long studies in three important schools in Brazil, Universidade livre Tom Jobim, Universidade Berklee Souza Lima “Faculdade Santa Marcelina” he got the “Premios Estimúlos Música” in 2008, a prize for new songwriters/composers in São Paulo which allows him to record his first album. This album was released by Tratore Label and one of his songs was featured at the “DVD multishow ao vivo singer Maria Gadú” wich was broadcasted in national television in 2010.
Have worked with many important musicians from the world scene including Maria Gadú, Ubaldo Versolato, Luiz Guello, Sylvinho Mazzuca, Sebastian Notini, Niclas Höglind, Kristoffer Johanson, Ricardo Vogt, Magnus Lindgren and Gustav Lundgren.
With a huge fascination of bossa nova, improvisation, Jazz and Traditional music, he seeks to connect Brazil with the other melodies and rhythms around the world.
His new album “Origem” is a tribute to the music of João Gilberto that passed away last summer of 2019. With a Brazilian rosewood “Jacarandá Bahia” guitar, a voice and two sensitive microphones, he seeks to connect with the intimacy and detail of the origins of bossa nova. With this he also connects with his own personal origin and seeks to move an authentic step forward from the bossa nova tradition.

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