Ali Doğan Gönültaş - Keyeyî CD

Ali Doğan Gönültaş - Keyeyî CD
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KEYEYİ (Zazakî) – EVLER (Turkish) – HOMES (English) The album emerged from the sounds of the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ali Doğan Gönültaş - Keyeyî CD"

KEYEYİ (Zazakî) – EVLER (Turkish) – HOMES (English)

The album emerged from the sounds of the places I was born into and became aware of. I needed to return home to remember and remind. Home is not only an address for me, but also a state of feeling and meaning. It is more than just a space with walls, rooms and windows, it is a state of joy, mourning, expression in different languages.

In this work, which was recorded simultaneously with video and audio, only the tembur and my voice are present.

The first part of the two-part album is called Şemuge, which means threshold in Zazakî. This part, consisting of songs in Zazakî and Kirdaskî, consists of the first steps towards the home. I found it meaningful that the first steps are in my mother tongue. My mother tongue is my home!

The second section is called Annelerin Sofraları (Mothers's Tables). In this section, which consists entirely of Turkish nefes and methiye (Alevi songs forms), I remind myself of the tables set by my mother and her closest friends.

Different tables set in different homes, but similar feelings... I dedicate this album to my mothers who set these tables with real conversation and music. Each time I left those tables both physically and emotionally satiated. Every table they set made me feel at home.

I hope these sounds can remind the listener of the calmness of arriving home.

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